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TitleAuthors Date of Issue
Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Image-based Road Sign and Car ClassificationRACHMADI, Reza Fuad; ラハマディ, レザ フアッド25-Sep-2018
An Intelligent Selection Model for Indonesia Scholarship : A Case Study of “Bidik Misi” Scholarship SelectionLATUMAKULITA, Luther Alexander; ラトウマクリタ, ルーサー アレキサンダー25-Sep-2018
Maximum Power Point Tracking Control of Multi-input Inverter for connected Hybrid PV/Wind Power System Considering Voltage Limitation In GridFeby Agung Pamuji; フェビィ アグン パムジ25-Sep-2018
Techniques for Transparent Cloud Service Selection and Handling Performance Uncertainty in the CloudsMUHAMMAD-BELLO, Bilkisu Larai; ムハマッドベロ, ビルキス ララエ25-Sep-2018
Re-replication Strategies in HDFS-based Cloud Data CenterThanda, Shwe; タンダ, シュイ25-Sep-2018
Text Data Processing for Offensive and Hateful Language Filtering in Social Networking ServicesZar Zar Wint; ザザ ウィット25-Sep-2018
Magnetoelectric effect of multiferroic BiFeO3 and the relativistic theoryPANIGRAHI, Upasana; パニグラヒ, ウパサナ25-Sep-2018
リチウムイオン二次電池正極材料の炭素複合化に関する研究藤田, 由季子; フジタ, ユキコ; Fujita, Yukiko25-Sep-2018
廃紙を原料とした低コストで高効率な燃料用エタノール生産に関する研究西村, 浩人; ニシムラ, ヒロト; Nishimura, Hiroto25-Sep-2018
Development of Graphene-based Carbocatalysts for Natural Polysaccharide Depolymerization under Microwave IrradiationMISSION, Elaine Gabutin; ミッション, エレイン ガブティン25-Sep-2018
A Study on Supported Catalysts for SO3 Decomposition in Solar Thermochemical Water Splitting CyclesS.M. Nur Alam; エスエム ヌル アラム25-Sep-2018
Bacterial Inactivation for Non-thermal Food Preservation by Extract of P. frutescens and Efficient Hydrocarbon Extraction from Microalgae Using Underwater Shock Waves and Pulsed PowerHOSSEINI, Bahareh; ホセイニ, バハレ25-Sep-2018
Study on oxidized carbon material hybrids for energy deviceRABIN, Nurun Nahar; ラビン, ヌルン ナハル25-Sep-2018
Study on the Mn(III)-Based Oxidative Radical Reaction of Polycarbonyl Compounds with AlkenesHUYNH, Truc Thanh; フィン, チョック タン25-Sep-2018
大気中の植物起源揮発性有機化合物ならびにその二次生成物に関する研究廣田, 和敏; ヒロタ, カズトシ; Hirota, Kazutoshi25-Sep-2018
Development of Enantioselective Phosphine Oxide-Catalyzed Tandem Direct Aldol/Vinylogous Aldol Reaction Towards 2,3-Dihydro-4-pyranone HeterocyclesAlim Nathan Ray Annar; アリム ネイタン レイ アナル25-Sep-2018
Chemical constiuents and biological activities of selected Citrus and Lindera plants and their potential as functional foodsAdhikari Devkota Anjana; アディカリ デブコタ アンジャナ25-Sep-2018
Study on the functions of vitamin D receptor as a regulatory component of Toll-like receptor signaling in microglial cellsDulla Yevgeny Aster Tubola; デューリヤ イェブジェニ アスター トゥボラ25-Sep-2018
母集団薬物動態解析およびベイズ推定法を基盤としたtherapeutic drug monitoring (Bayes-TDM)による敗血症患者における抗菌薬の個別化投与方法の確立尾田, 一貴; オダ, カズタカ; Oda, Kazutaka25-Sep-2018
Mesenchymal Stem Cells Derived from Human iPS Cells via Mesoderm and Neuroepithelium Have Different Features and Therapeutic Potentials江藤, 真哉; エトウ, シンヤ; Eto, Shinya25-Sep-2018
Deviation of the typical AAA substrate-threading pore prevents fatal protein degradation in yeast Cdc48Islam Md. Tanvir; イスラム ムハマド タンヴイル25-Sep-2018