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TitleAuthors Date of Issue
Dual energy CTを用いた人体物質の組成および質量密度の特定霜村, 康平; シモムラ, コウヘイ; Shimomura, Kohei25-Mar-2019
Job-related stress in psychiatric nurses in Japan caring for elderly patients with dementia矢田, 浩紀; ヤダ, ヒロノリ; Yada, Hironori25-Mar-2019
Cerebrovascular imaging of cerebral ischemia in acute type A aortic dissection松原, 崇一朗; マツバラ, ソウイチロウ; Matsubara, Souichiro25-Mar-2019
Molecular Mechanisms Underlying the Filtration Bleb-Maintaining Effects of Suberoylanilide Hydroxamic Acid (SAHA)二口, 亜希子; フタクチ, アキコ; Futakuchi, Akiko25-Mar-2019
Clinical significance of polyglutamylation in primary central nervous system lymphoma藤本, 健二; フジモト, ケンジ; Fujimoto, Kenji25-Mar-2019
Comparative study on qSOFA, SIRS and the Shock Index in prehospital emergency patients : single-site retrospective study原田, 正公; ハラダ, マサヒロ; Harada, Masahiro25-Mar-2019
The role of miR-210, E2F3 and ephrin A3 in angiosarcoma cell proliferation中島, 聡子; ナカシマ, サトコ; Nakashima, Satoko25-Mar-2019
Hypoxia reduces HNF4α/MODY1 protein expression in pancreatic β-cells by activating AMP-activated protein kinase津山, 友徳; ツヤマ, トモノリ; Tsuyama, Tomonori25-Mar-2019
PD-L1 expression enhancement by infiltrating macrophage-derived TNF-αleads to poor pancreatic cancer prognosis塚本, 雅代; ツカモト, マサヨ; Tsukamoto, Masayo25-Mar-2019
Enhanced Cellular Polysulfides Negatively Regulated TLR4 Signaling and Mitigate Lethal Endotoxin Shock張, 田力; チョウ, タチカラ; Zhang, Tianli25-Mar-2019
Model-based Iterative Reconstruction in Low-radiation-dose Computed Tomography Colonography : Preoperative Assessment in Patients with Colorectal Cancer田口, 奈留美; タグチ, ナルミ; Taguchi, Narumi25-Mar-2019
Matrix metalloproteinase promotes elastic fiber degradation in ligamentum flavum degeneration杉本, 一樹; スギモト, カズキ; Sugimoto, Kazuki25-Mar-2019
Hepatic fat quantification using automated six-point Dixon : Comparison with conventional chemical shipt based sequences and computed tomography清水, 紀恵; シミズ, キエ; Shimizu, Kie25-Mar-2019
Regulatory mechanisms of collagen expression by interleukin-22 signaling in scleroderma fibroblasts澤村, 創一郎; サワムラ, ソウイチロウ; Sawamura, Soichiro25-Mar-2019
Therapeutic predictors of neoadjuvant endocrine therapy response in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer with reference to optimal gene expression profiling後藤, 理沙; ゴトウ, リサ; Goto, Risa25-Mar-2019
Postmortem computed tomography findings in cases of bath-related death : Applicability and limitation in forensic practice木村, 聡子; キムラ, サトコ; Kimura, Satoko25-Mar-2019
明清白話小説の親族呼称語の研究 : ≪醒世姻縁傳≫を中心として王, 姝茵; オウ, シュイン25-Mar-2019
川端康成初期作品研究 : 翻訳文学との関係を中心に彭, 柯然; ホウ, カゼン25-Mar-2019
HSP72ノックアウトマウスにおける糖代謝異常発生機序の解明北野, さやか; キタノ, サヤカ; Kitano, Sayaka25-Mar-2019
Total Thrombus-formation Analysis System Predicts Periprocedural Bleeding Events in Patients With Coronary Artery Disease Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention老松, 優; オイマツ, ユウ; Oimatsu, Yu25-Mar-2019
Interferon-free therapy with direct acting antivirals for HCV/HIV-1 co-infected Japanese patients with inherited bleeding disorders上村, 悠; ウエムラ, ハルカ; Uemura, Haruka25-Mar-2019