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Title :DNAメチル化依存的及び非依存的TLR2発現調節機構の解明 : CFTR変異上皮細胞及びDMSO誘発性好中球様分化HL-60細胞を用いて
Authors :古田, 貴志
Issue Date :27-Mar-2007
Abstract :Given the importance of controlling an optimal TLR2 expression for the expression of proper cellular phenotype, we sought to investigate the precise mechanism by which TLR2 gene expression is regulated in different types of cells. In the present study, to examine the involvement of DNA methylation in the regulation of TLR2 gene, I have focused on two distinct types of cells. One is CFTR-mutated epithelial cells (CF epithelial cells) and another is DMSO-induced neutrophil-like HL-60 cells, both of which have been shown to highly express TLR2 mRNA.
Type Local :博士論文
Publisher :熊本大学
Comment :熊本大学大学院薬学教育部 分子機能薬学専攻 遺伝子機能応用学分野
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/2298/10468
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