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タイトル :固定化酵素を利用したシアン化物のフローインジェクション分析法
著者 :出口, 俊雄
深浦, 康一
則松, 成子
南, 小百合
田中, 明
實政, 勲
刊行年月日 :1996-12
収録雑誌名 :Journal of Flow Injection Analysis
巻 :13
号 :2
開始ページ :138
終了ページ :147
要約(Abstract) :A flow-injection system with an immobilized enzyme reactor is proposed for the determination of cyanide. The system includes the rhodanese immobilized on aminopropy1-control led pore glass beads, which acts as an enzyme reactor. In this system, cyanide is converted to thiocyanate in the presence of thiosulfate in the immobilized enzyme reactor, then the thiocyanate forms iron(l) thiocyanate complex, which is spectrophotometrically detected at 460 nm. The optimum conditions in the flow-injection system are proposed. Under the optimized condition, the detection limit(S/N = 3) of cyanide was 15 pM and the linear relationship was obtained in the range of 0-1 mM cyanide. The sample frequency was 20 /h. The precision of the method was 2. 3 % relative standard deviation at 0.5 mM cyanide. The immobilized rhodanese was stable for at least 10 h of continuous operation. Also it retained 91 % of the initial activity after 1 week, 83 % after 1 month. Many kinds of anions which commonly interfere with the determination of cyanide except ascorbate did not interfere in the present method. The flow-injection system developed here is applicable to the determination of cyanide in environ mental and clinical samples.
URL :http://aitech.ac.jp/~jafia/japanese/index.html
収録種別 :雑誌掲載論文
出版社(者) :(社)日本分析化学会フローインジェクション分析研究懇談会(JAFIA)
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/2298/11009
関連 :http://aitech.ac.jp/~jafia/
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