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Title :Phase Difference Enhanced Imaging
Authors :Yoneda, Tetsuya
Ideta, Tomoyo
Hiai, Yasuhiro
Issue Date :29-Feb-2008
Citation jtitle :熊本大学医学部保健学科紀要
vol. :4
start page :127
end page :136
Abstract :The phase image of MRI has a much high diagnosis potential. Susceptibility or another properties of tissue directly or indirectly affect on phase differences in the phase image. Therefore, it is possible to enhance a tissue's physical properties via phase differences. These enhanced images are great of use for discriminating the different tissues and further clinical applications. In this paper, we report on new imaging technique "PhAse DiffeRence Enhanced imaging (PADRE)" as an application of using the phase information in which we use a phase difference between tissues. This new technique can enhance the phase difference on the magnitude image, which corresponds to the local magnetic field difference caused by susceptibility difference, physical dynamics and so on. For comprehensive understanding of PADRE, a simple model is to be examined. The enhanced tissue makes a higher contrast between different tissues, which is going to support the diagnosis of problems. We examine an improvement of contrast by using the PADRE thorough a comparison between a CNR of experimental data and theory which we introduced. Discussions and results of this paper determine the best imaging parameters. We can see wonderful appearance of small vessels in the brain by using these parameters.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :18807151
Publisher :熊本大学
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/2298/17816
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