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薬学001.pdfSynthesis, oxygen activation, and DNA-cleaving property of a histidine-pyridine-histidine ligand180KbAdobe PDFView/Open
Title :Synthesis, oxygen activation, and DNA-cleaving property of a histidine-pyridine-histidine ligand
Authors :Matsumoto, Masahiro
Okuno, Yoshinori
Ogata, Yukiko
Kurosaki, Hiromasa
Okamoto, Yoshinari
Otsuka, Masami
Issue Date :10-Oct-2006
Citation jtitle :Heterocycles
vol. :69
start page :311
end page :318
Abstract :A novel metal-chelating system comprising a 4-dimethylamino- pyridine and two histidine appendages was synthesized. The two histidines were introduced by different manners; one through an amide linkage and other via a secondary amino linkage. ESR spectrum suggested a distorted pentacoordinate configuration of the copper complex of the ligand. The iron complex of the ligand had oxygen-activating property as shown by ESR spin trapping and DNA-cleaving activity as evaluated by experiments using pUC19 DNA.
URL :http://www.heterocycles.jp/index.html
Type Local :雑誌掲載論文
ISSN :18810942
Publisher :The Japan Institute of Heterocyclic Chemistry
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/2298/2988
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