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タイトル :小学校高学年の立位姿勢とその特徴
著者 :井福, 裕俊
中山, 貴文
坂本, 将基
齋藤, 和也
小澤, 雄二
福田, 晃平
中村, 朱里
刊行年月日 :2017-12-19
収録雑誌名 :熊本大学教育学部紀要
巻 :66
開始ページ :267
終了ページ :272
要約(Abstract) :The purpose of the present study was to classify standing posture of the upper grade elementary school children in the second sexual stage into five types according to Kendall's method, and to clarify factors affecting those postures by using seven muscle strength or flexibility tests. A total of 196 children (104 boys, 92 girls) were analyzed. Only 22% of children were a good posture even if the ideal and military postures were combined, whereas a bad posture, i.e., kyphosis-lordosis, flat-back and sway-back postures, accounted for 78%. The deviation of the body's center of gravity was significantly shorter in the good pasture than in the bad posture. When principal component analysis was applied to the data for seven muscular strength or flexibility tests, military posture had high overall evaluation of muscular strength and flexibility and kyphosis-lordosis posture was lower, whereas ideal posture was mainly held by muscular strength and flexibility of lower body and flat-back posture was mainly held by those of upper body. These findings suggest that it is necessary to improve muscle strength and flexibility in order to improve the bad standing posture of upper grade elementary school children.
収録種別 :紀要論文
ISSN :21881871
出版社(者) :熊本大学
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/2298/38961
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