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Title :全身性アミロイドイメージングプローブ18F-EFSBの臨床応用に向けた基礎研究
Authors :鈴木, 涼馬
盛島, 由貴
松永, 浩文
山下, 太郎
冨吉, 勝美
Issue Date :31-Mar-2018
Citation jtitle :熊本大学医学部保健学科紀要
vol. :14
start page :33
end page :41
Abstract :Early detection and quantitative evaluation of deposited amyloid is extremely important in treating patients with amyloidosis. we made a precursor EMSB and 19F-EFSB labeled stable isotope fluorine on EMSB to develop a new imaging probe18F-EFSB that detects systemic amyloidosis by PET examination. In this study, the following three were carried out as basic research for clinical application of 18F-EFSB for diagnosis (1)histochemical analysis to amyloid using 19F-EFSB, (2)investigation of optimal synthesis condition of 18F-EFSB, (3)quality control of 18F-EFSB. As a result of histochemical analysis, 19F-EFSB specifically accumulated in all disease type amyloid. Therefore, it was shown that 18F-EFSB also accumulates in amyloid.18F-EFSB was efficiently labeled with a radiochemical purity of 81.7 ± 5.1%(n=3) by reaction at 200 degree for 5 minutes. Quality control (radiochemical purity test, pH measurement, endotoxin test,sterility test) performed was no problem. By clearing some quality control in the future, 18F-EFSB may be a clinically applicable tracer capable of detecting amyloid in the whole body.
Type Local :紀要論文
Publisher :熊本大学
Comment :【著者所属】鈴木涼馬:熊本大学大学院保健学教育部 / 盛島由貴:熊本赤十字病院 / 松永浩文:熊本大学大学院薬学教育部先端生命医療科学部門 / 山下太郎:熊本大学大学院生命科学研究部脳神経科学講座神経内科学分野 / 冨吉勝美:熊本大学大学院生命科学研究部医用理工学分野
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/2298/39287
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