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Title :Facile Synthesis of Indolelactones Using Mn(III)-Based Oxidative Substitution-Cyclization Reaction
Authors :Inoue, Takeshi
Nishino, Hiroshi
Issue Date :Sep-2018
Citation jtitle :Heterocycles
vol. :97
no. :1
start page :431
end page :450
Abstract :Based on the oxidation of indole with Mn(OAc)3 in the presence of 1,1-diarylethenes affording 3-vinyl-substituted indoles, a similar oxidation using indole-2-carboxylic acids was evaluated in order to effectively introduce the substituent group to the C-3 position of the indolecarboxylic acids. The coupling reaction followed by oxidative cyclization smoothly proceeded at room temperature in an AcOH-HCO2H mixed solvent to give the desired indolelactones in high yields. The reaction details, the structure determination of the products and a brief reaction mechanism are described.
URL :https://www.heterocycles.jp/newlibrary/libraries/abst/25555
Type Local :雑誌掲載論文
ISSN :03855414
Publisher :The Japan Institute of Heterocyclic Chemistry
Rights :ⓒ2018 The Japan Institute of Heterocyclic Chemistry
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/2298/41403
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