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Title :Short hairpin RNA 発現ベクターおよび siRNA 導入用キャリアとしてのデンドリマー/α-シクロデキストリン結合体の有用性評価
Authors :堤, 利仁
Issue Date :27-Mar-2007
Abstract :In conclusion, α-CDE was found to provide the sequence-specific gene silencing effect by the complexations with shRNA expressing plasmid vectors and siRNAs. From the viewpoint of the magnitude of the RNAi effect, α-CDE was shown to be particularly useful for a carrier of siRNAs rather than shRNA expressing plasmid vectors. It should be noted that the RNAi effects of the siRNA/α-CDE complexes were preferable to those with various commercial transfection reagents. These prominent RNAi effects of the siRNA complex with α-CDE could be ascribed, at least in part, to the formation of nanoparticle complexes, the stabilizing effect of α-CDE on enzymatic degradation of siRNA, negligible cytotoxicity and the cytoplasmic localization of siRNA. Thus, these findings may be useful for design and evaluation of carriers for shRNA expressing plasmid vectors and siRNAs.
Type Local :博士論文
Publisher :熊本大学
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/2298/8731
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