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タイトル :Erythroblasts highly express the ABC transporter Bcrp1/ABCG2 but do not show the side population (SP) phenotype
著者 :Yamamoto, Kazumi
Suzu, Shinya
Yoshidomi, Yuka
Hiyoshi, Masateru
Harada, Hideki
Okada, Seiji
刊行年月日 :2007-11-30
収録雑誌名 :Immunology Letters
巻 :114
号 :1
開始ページ :52
終了ページ :58
要約(Abstract) :Stem cells in various somatic tissues including hematopoietic stem cells can be identified by the “side population (SP)” phenotype based on the efflux of Hoechst33342. Knockout and enforced expression experiments show that the expression of the Bcrp1/ABCG2 gene is an important determinant of the SP phenotype. In this study, we showed that erythroblasts also express a large amount of Bcrp1/ABCG2. The level of expression was increased with maturation, but did not relate to the cell-cycle status.
URL :http://www.elsevier.com/wps/find/journaldescription.cws_home/506020/description#description
収録種別 :雑誌掲載論文
ISSN :01652478
出版社(者) :Elsevier BV
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備考 :平成18~19年度科学研究費補助金(基盤研究(C))研究成果報告書 課題番号:18591074 『BCL6とAP-1遺伝子群による血球分化と機能制御』 pp.13-19に掲載
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関連 :http://hdl.handle.net/2298/9889
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